The Art of Book writing

Creativity is a personal way of expressing what we feel inside: colours, emotions, concepts. The art of writing is one of the most sublime because it has the power to evoke imagery and feelings with simple words. As we can’t see an image, our mind creates scenery, textures, colours, and connections. Some books are read over and over, and as we go deeper and understand  more we savour every sentence, we spot and underline words here and there, so we can share them with others. 

Imagine a child walking in a poppy field, his eyes wide with admiration for the beauty of the flowers; he then stops to pick up just one of them, and then offers it to his mother with a proud smile.

It’s in the human nature to share our discoveries and achievements with others because they are meaningful to us and we hope they will bring light to our friends.

In the case of Clive Twain, the author I interviewed in Episode 4 of my podcast, ( his energy has been devoted to share something precious with others, offering it with the same simplicity as a child in the poppy field.

When Clive wrote his book, he intended for his audience to come and have a look, and enjoy the scent of the beautiful flower he had found.

The result is a work of art, simple, creative, yet concise enough to grip you all the way to the end, and so powerful that it can change your life.

Let’s read about the writing process from Clive himself. You will find that many of the steps he took are similarly taken in all the other arts. 

I hope his words in his article below will inspire you just like the ones in his book.


When something is pressing on your mind and you have a light you would love to share with others, then there are many ways to express your thoughts and feelings. I chose the medium of the written word, but communication can take many forms.           The act of creation may be largely solitary, but the purpose of creation is almost always social.

The fire that burned in my soul was the desire to share a lifetime of Christlike learning with others who have just started on their journey, or those who many have lost their way or stumbled. The subject that brings me joy would bring light and happiness to others, but I had to create a torch in order to share that light. Whatever beacon you want to build, and whatever colour of light you want to share, it takes a single point in time to decide that you will go and do the thought that has captured the attention of your heart and been mulling over in your mind. One day, one moment in your life is the defining decision point that spawns a new direction in which to focus your energy. Perhaps that moment is now, or perhaps you are teetering on the cusp of that moment. Whenever it happens, make a note of the date and time, then mentally decide when you will lay the corner stone of your creation. Plan the regular time, the place and the medium. Write down your vision to define it, then come back to it often to refine it. 

You may want to keep your creation secret with the exception of your nearest and dearest. I have kept my book from all, save those who needed to know. My wife and children have been aware of it from the start, but for me, I decided to keep my work personal until it was time to share. This way I had no pressure from outside to produce a finished result. You may be different as there is no right or wrong answer. 

Your commitment is to yourself and your passion to the work will see you through the times when it can become a chore and you feel the road is too long to travel. Remember your vision and try to find small steps of joy in your journey as mentioned in the podcast.

I had no writing experience two years ago. You may have no experience with your medium. My niece went from zero art skills to drawing photo realistic pictures just in a few years. She blows me away with her hidden talent. 

Your dreams will always be a few months or years away, unless you decide to CREATE today!

You can read more about Clive here: