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'I have a had a joy to work with Franz before. She unblocked some of my beliefs regarding my family. This time, we worked on my success and exam prep blocks, and she was able to help me discover a huge sabotaging pattern that holds two opposite beliefs. The understanding coming from revealing the pattern explained the confusion I have been experiencing in my everyday life. She definitely seeks to dig deeper to understand the core of the issue you might be experiencing. I also like her energy a lot, and she put a lot of effort in the recordings she prepares post-session. I’d definitely suggest you to give a shot and experience an RTT session with her.'
Emine Özge Yıldırım
Lawyer, therapist

'I recently had  a hypnosis session with Franz Sidney and I am still buzzing! I can only say that I wish I had found Franz sooner! Over a period of 5 years I had seen multiple therapists with invariably unsatisfying results. 

Franz is professional, skilled and knowledgeable. She helped me to elucidate and articulate the origins of deeply embedded patterns of negative self-defeating thinking and behaviours and to come to understand the root cause of my issues and to reframe these which has led to a massive upgrade. 

I now feel a sense of flourishing in my day to day life, I feel in control, grounded and confident, 
I  know that I am enough.'

Sally Ann Bentham
'Buongiorno a tutti mi chiamo giorgia crespan e consiglio a tutti una sessione con Franz..sempre stavo Male e I miei esami del sangue evidenziavano un infiammazione generale al corpo dovuta dagli ANCA positivi dove I miei anticorpi conbattevano contro il mio stesso organismo dandomi cosi infezioni polmonari continue e problemi renali! Dopo aver ascoltato piu volte l audio di Franz come per incanto I miei esami sono tornati perfetti tanto che I medici non hanno saputo dare spiegazioni.. voglio quindi allegare a questo messaggio il documento che attesta tali progressi!questo percorso lo consiglio a tutti perche Franz mi ha aiutato tantissimo!grazie di cuore Franz!!!' 
English version: 'Good morning everyone, I suggest you all have a session with Franz...I have been always Ill and my blood work showed a general inflammation in my body due also to the positive antibodies values, where my immune system was attacking my body. This was causing constant Kung infections and kidney problems, Including the presence of proteins.
After listening many times to her recording, Almost magically my blood test results have reverted to perfectly normal. In fact the doctors could not explain what had happened.
I am attaching therefore to my message the document that proves the progress! I encourage you all to follow the same path because Franz has greatly helped me! Thanks with all my heart, Franz!'
Giorgia Crespan
Tour operator
'Franz is a very knowledgeable and resourceful coach and therapist. 
She literally has a mass of knowledge in many different fields and is able to help you in a non judgemental, practical and fast-paced way. No nonsense ! 
  listened to her advice and she's usually right!!!
Listen to her advice!!!'
Alessandra Borghi
Teacher and therapist
'Franz is a fantastic coach and an amazing Therapist. I am really happy she was my therapist. She is compassionate and truly understands the core of any issue. I felt so relaxed during her session and very enjoyed the transformation. She was so skilful bringing me to the core of my limiting beliefs about money. I already feel money blocks vanished and I am enthusiastic to continue follow my dreams. I enjoy listening to the recording she made for me as there is everything that I need to go on another level in my life. Can't wait for her upcoming coaching.'
Andreja Počivavšek
Lawyer, therapist
'I had a lovely session with Franz to help me with self sabotaging behaviours. She really put me at ease from the beginning. The hypnosis was very relaxing and Franz made me feel really safe. She has a lovely, positive personality and is so encouraging. At the end of the session I felt like a weight had been lifted from me. 
 Hypnosis is a great therapy and I would definitely recommend a session with Franz.'
Christine Horner
'I had a Hypnosis session with Franz that was powerful and deep! I highly recommend working with her if you are wanting to release any issues that no longer serve you!'
Catherine X Godward
'I had a session with Franz yesterday and it was amazing! I am normally tense and it takes me a while to get my nerves under control in new situations and with new people. Franz quickly made me feel at ease with her warm personality. She is brilliant at knowing how to help you find the root of your blockages and in the moment offers you a powerful transformation. I listened to the personal transformational recording she made for me and I immediately felt the change happening within me. Thank you Franz!'
Araceli Burgos
'Franz cares about her clients and was able to get me a breakthrough that was so massive in my life that it helped me to repair many relationships around me. Her skills as a hypnotherapist are first rate.'
Leif Pearson
Life Coach and Therapist
'I just wanted to take the time to say 'Thank you' so much Franz, because, after only one session with you, I am feeling much better from those negative emotions of "not worth" and "invisibility" already..   it's amazing how my internal dialogue is so more assertive...! Thank you so much for all your help, I am feeling much more happy. Thank you for making it all possible and being so kind and caring throughout.'
Clara Corte-Real
Naturopath, Dietician
'Was fortunate to experience a session with Franz, she is a skilled, effective and proficient practitioner. Loved the session and the recording is wonderful. Would highly recommend.'
Angela Litchfield
Franz Sidney through her expertise is helping me to become a confident person! I have for some years doubted my own abilities and with Franz's aid through her coaching I am able to build upon the areas that will make me a better business woman, wife, mother and friend! I am enough! For many years I have struggled with the past from High School and after but that is all in the past and thus is a whole new me because I am enough.
Belinda Chopping
Business owner
If you are considering trying hypnosis with Franz, take my advice and jump straight in! Her personality and humour make the session really enjoyable and her insight was spot on. Her session had a wonderful flow whilst giving me the space to come to my own realisations. I'm looking forward to listening to my recording and feeling really optimistic about change to come! Thank you Franz!
Helena Day
Franz is stunning at her worst! She is so calm, warming, funny, positive and well equipped to dig deep and find the root of any block. She is gifted, smart and I would recommend Franz in an absolute heartbeat. She has found her purpose.
Adam Bucklow
My session with Franz was fantastic, she is an incredible detective and found the root cause of my lack of confidence to perform and succeed! I have resolved some of my limiting thought patterns and replaced them with an inner cheerleader! I’m already feeling transformed, can’t wait to see what happens over the next 21 days.
Marissa Calabro
Wow amazing session with Franz, I absolutely loved it, knowing and feeling the connectedness as one with the universe and feeling the lightness and certainty, clarity about my purpose and direction. Thank you again Franz, for your wonderful session. I look forward to listening to your recording every night😍
Miao Tseng

I had a session with Franz as I was unsure about the direction I was going in with my business. The RTT session helped me to feel empowered to go in a direction which was different to the path I was on. I am now doing well and happy with the new path I’m on. 

If you are thinking about seeing Franz for hypnotherapy just go for it, she’s lovely, she put me at ease and is good at what she does.

Paula Hirst

I contacted Franz as I was struggling with emetophobia, constant anxiety & panic attacks whenever I tried to socialise or go outside.

I had worked with other therapists in the past and felt they never understood me. When I spoke to Franz I felt like somebody finally understood how I was feeling and somebody that could and wanted to actually help so we worked together. When I did hypnotherapy with Franz I found out the first time I had the anxious & insecure feelings and was able to let these memories go.

Straight after the session Franz took me to the local supermarket where it was very busy and I was able to look around, something I hadn’t done in years, we also stopped for a coffee in the cafe something else I hadn’t done for years and I felt no anxiety.

For several weeks I was doing really well out and about everyday, but then after cancelling a trip, I felt my anxiety was back and that I would never heal and this is how I would always have to live, just going down the street was full of anxiety and worry for me. But Franz didn’t let me give up 😀 so we did another coaching session to put myself back on track, reminding me of different techniques to manage the anxiety when it does creep in. All while sending me different sources of information to have a read for myself on how anxiety works, and breaking the cycle.

We also did coaching sessions, with relationships, work & diet. My life is now completely back on track, and I am in control of my life now. I have learned that when you take action daily you get positive results, Franz gave me the push to have the confidence to do it and believe in myself.

It has now been over two months & my life has changed, everyday I go out and I feel that life is as it’s suppose to be and have gained so much independence. Recently it was my mums birthday, and she said the best gift was seeing out and about again.

I am now waiting to do a course in beauty therapy and have a clear career path ahead of me with the help of Franz.

I would recommend working with Franz because you can tell how much she really cares about her clients, has given me my life back, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’ll always be so so grateful Xx

Thankyou again for all your help, and not letting me give up, reading over the old feelings I use to feel I’d even forgotten I use to feel that way about certain things, I do so much without even thinking about it now! Xx

S.W., Norfolk