I had three goals which we worked on but they all essentially revolved around time management of my day. Thanks to franz, I have found coping mechanisms within myself to allow me to improve my time management. This has helped greatly.

Previously I would feel like I was floundering under the different demands on my time during the day and now I am able to be better in control of these. I have discovered that by keeping a check list of all I need to do, this ensures I have a record of the different tasks I set for myself each day.  I am then able to focus on these if I become distracted and then by marking completed tasks off against my check list gives me a feeling of achievement and satisfaction from having moved forward.

From the coaching I have discovered ways in which I can manage my day effectively and efficiently. I have identified that if I keep a log of my tasks and achievements I have a rough timetable with which to guide me through the day. I have also learnt that I need some structure to my day to stop me from becoming distracted and side lined performing less important tasks. I have also discovered that my negative thoughts affected the way I handled situations and rediscovered that I am very capable of managing many variable things throughout the day myself with a bit of forethought and planning.

The most important thing I gained from the coaching process was that it forced me take time to think, question and evaluate why I was doing things in a certain way and how I could change them to improve the efficiency of my days. After the sessions I felt I had gained some insight as to what makes me tick so to speak.

The main part of the coaching that I found helpful was how Franz would encourage me to think of ways out of my predicament myself, without telling me what to do. Allowing me the time to work through my thoughts and guiding me with further thought provoking questions where I found it difficult to work out my behaviours. Usually I would plough through the day fighting the fires rather than preventing them happening or gently fanning the flames.

Franz’s coaching has made a huge difference to my life.

Stephen, artist