I have been used to setting unrealistic goals, which had been hard to achieve and so led to failures. Franz helped me to envisage the goals I need to set for myself. We worked together to ensure they are realistic and achievable.

The strongest message I gained, which has become a game changer in my life, is when Franz connected with my thoughts and I realised I need to change my thinking from what I need, should or must do to what I want to do.  I found out that I was facing an inner battle before this.  At first it was hard to visualise that I could be strong enough to make any changes I needed, but Franz helped me through that by helping me to set specific goals tailored to my needs.  I then found I did have an inner strength to draw on once I had flipped the switch to wanting it.

I am still learning and trying to change one thing at a time, but I know I will not completely go back to the way I was before, I will continue to improve my life.  I am grateful to Franz for all the help she has given me.

I think she has very good people skills.  She figured out my needs well from the questions she asked and the discussions we had, and helped me put into action a plan to improve my life.

Good luck for the future Franz – keep up the good work!!