About Franz

My Story

I learned first hand that what happens in our childhood and youth has a profound impact on how we perceive ourselves as adults. What we do today is motivated by our beliefs – and when we build positive ones we can really reach the stars.

Feedback & Reviews

Here is what my happy clients have shared after our sessions

” I recently had the pleasure to experience a RTT session with Franz Sidney and can highly recommend it. Franz is  professional, caring and she made sure I  / we really got to understand myself and get to the root cause of my issue. I can feel both mentally and physically how my subconscious mind is working and turning my life to the better, where I want it to be …day by day. The recordings are worth gold and I feel supported even after my treatment, along my journey.”

Dorothea Mills


“Franz quick found out the reason of my anxiety  and loss of motivation. Through her perceive questions I felt a shift in my perspective. I took immediate action, and now I am no longer wasting my energy – I use it towards my goals”

Gabrielle Horricks-Webb


“Something was holding me back and I had a session with Franz. I feel relieved as I understood where my blockages have been. I was then able to let them go and move forward. The recording was beautiful. Highly recommended.”

Jenny Kaur


What Can I Do for You?

I remove any obstacles that are in your way: procrastination, low self esteem, negative thinking, anxiety, self-sabotage, overwhelm, confusion.

I can offer you either an RTT session or a Coaching session, in combination if needed. My simple and quick system eliminates the need for life-long therapy and allows you to fix the issues and move on!

I can help you find out why the problem keeps coming back 

Many times problems are just hard wired thinking patterns we have inherited from years of peer pressure, local culture and negative thinking. It takes work to eradicate and transform these beliefs and you will feel like a new person.

Need Advice?

Feel free to contact me. Avoid sending contact forms as they don’t seem to work. Instead go to Facebook.com/Franzsidneyand send me a Private Message.    Or if you prefer, schedule a call by using Calendly. https://calendly.com/franzsidney